Canal in Treviso, Italy


To create a truly unique product combining both tradition, modern design and unparalleled comfort.


A deep foundational understanding of the foot’s anatomy influences each Le Clare design.


Le Clare Slippers are exclusively handcrafted in our small-batch factory in Treviso, Italy.


Merging Tradition and Passion with the Technology of Today Only in Italy

Le Clare is a combination of traditional craftsmanship and modern design.

A Le Clare shoe is guaranteed to be 100% handmade in Italy. The whole production takes place in Le Clare workshops. There is no other way to account for the comfort, style, support, and overall quality it offers.

A beautiful country known for creating beautiful things, Italy produces 30% of the world’s highest quality footwear. Traditional shoemakers can utilize over 15 techniques for shoemaking.

Today, most shoes are manufactured with volume rather than craft in mind. To say that your shoes are ‘Made in Italy’ is to say that your shoes are a product of tradition and from the hands of the world’s most skilled craftsmen. 

Passion behind quality

All Le Clare materials, including our wool, fabrics, soles, and insoles, are carefully selected and come exclusively from Italian suppliers and companies. Each article was hand-selected to be included in production.

When wearing Le Clare slippers, there is no sacrifice. Style, comfort, and quality are all expected.

A Le Clare slipper will become your everyday shoe. The shoe’s simple style allows for easy closet integration. There is something to be said for a shoe made to last.

Le Clare’s sturdy construction and materials can handle extended wear, quick trips to a grocery store or coffee shop. Le Clare’s premium textiles do not irritate the skin, ensuring a chafe-free experience.

Our Laboratory and Research & Development understand the anatomy of the foot and design shapes that are structured for proper fit and functionality. The slip-resistant, light, and flexible insole support correct posture and motion, in the utmost comfort.

These features, applied with the skilled, artful hand of craftsmen and women experienced in the tradition of Italian shoemaking, come together to create a truly unique product.

Le Clare even offers bespoke slippers, which can be customized with a wide range of colors and textiles.

Today, Le Clare is recognized in Italy as the premier company specializing in the manufacturing of boiled wool slippers.